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2024 Young Entrepreneur's Succeed (Y.E.S!)
Summer Field Trip Series

(website) 2024 Summer Field Trip Series.png
Working with Laptop

Social Media

& Entertainment Media

Acting Rehearsal

Fine Arts

A young woman talking on the radio

Music &

Music Production

Cooking Lesson

Culinary Arts &

Fork to table 

Many more programs are available!
Customizable for the best student experience. 

- Graphic Design/Animation/Drawing
- Coding/Computer Science
- Law (Criminology, Policy Law, Law Enforcement)
- Medicine/Engineering/Sciences
- Education/Early Child Development

- Beautician/Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist
- Industry (Truck Driver, Waste Management, etc)
- Merchandise/Clothing Retail
- Construction/Landscaping
- Sports/Sports Management
- Journalism/Writing

Stay up to date with the Y.E.S Summer Camp activities!

Y.E.S Summer Camp Calendar

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